National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is the premier Public Health training Institute of the Ministry of Health (MoH). The origin of the Institute dates back to 1st July, 1926, when the first Health Unit in South East Asia was established in Kalutara. Being at the forefront of Public Health workforce development, NIHS has contributed immensely in bringing the MMR to its current 34.5 per 100 000 live births and the IMR to 10 per 1000 live births in Sri Lanka. The demographic profile as well as the epidemiological profile in Sri Lanka is changing. Focusing on maternal and child health services and communicable diseases will not be adequate for the future. The Public Health workers will need to be geared with the new developments in Public Health to effectively address the Public Health challenges of today and tomorrow. 

  What is NIHS Knowledge HUB?

The NIHS Knowledge HUB is a open sharing platform for knowledge and experiences dedicated to Public Health.  It is a place where one can share their knowledge and experiences and where one can acquire knowledge. The primary aim of the Knowledge Hub is for creating advocacy among the Public Health Workforce in Sri Lanka, on the many areas of Public Health in order to create a better Public Health system in Sri Lanka. 

What are the objectives of the HUB?

The main objective of the “NIHS Knowledge HUB” is to develop and maintain a Public Health advocacy network / forum in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with local and international partners. 

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